Cleaning Car engine Often

Both varieties will get the job done, and contrary to popular perception, they require special disposal. Even if the degreaser is “biodegradable” or “environmentally friendly,” it’s considered hazardous waste once you dissolve motor oil and other chemicals.

In general, solvent-based degreasers tend to be the most effective. For one thing, they work faster than water-based products. They do a better job of cutting through thick layers of grease and getting to the bare metal.

The main downside is their potent smell, giving you headaches in an enclosed area. If this concerns you, a water-based degreaser may be better. Regardless of what you use, you may also want to pick up some foam or gel for your vertical surfaces.

While buying your degreaser, get yourself a drip pan and at least three packages of absorbent mats as well. You may also need the following