How to spray your car

Do you love the way your car drives but hate the way it looks? It may be time for a paint job. Everyone has a different reason for giving their car a fresh finish, ranging from accidents to restorations. These are seven of the top reasons people choose to have their vehicle painted. If your car is due for a new coat be sure to leave the job to your local professional auto paint shop to ensure it gets done right.

Change the colour of your car

For some people they simply cannot handle the colour of their vehicle. Instead of going out and buying a new car it is a great idea to have the vehicle repainted to match your personal tastes.

Increase the resale value of your car

If you are thinking about selling your vehicle in the near future it may be well worth it to paint the vehicle, especially if the paint is not currently in decent shape. Completing a paint job will usually increase the resale value much more than the cost of the service.

The paint has become faded and dull

In order to return a vehicle to factory condition you may need to have computer color match painting completed. This will restore your vehicle’s finish to its original color.

Your vehicle has suffered scratches

Scratches are not only unsightly but they can result in rust. Any paint damage that leaves the metal of the vehicle’s metal body exposed can cause it to rust. If the rust takes hold it could eventually lead to the rust creating holes in the body.

Turn your vehicle into a show car

Maybe your current paint job just isn’t winning any awards. A new custom paint job can help bring home the trophies.